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Where it starts

The process begins with a meeting with Michael Heinz, Professional Member of the American Institute of Building Design, and Owner - Manager of Heinz Built Homes, LLC, to go over your designs. This meeting is set at his office where you can also walk through a completed residence and see the many details like those that will go into your new home.

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After the designs are complete, which normally takes a few weeks, the plans are sent out for estimating to all the Heinz Built Homes LLC subcontractors and suppliers. We do not guess the price. We verify each project at current pricing as somethings go up in price as well as some things have reduced in price from month to month depending on demand.


Once the bids are back which normally takes about 2-3 weeks, Mike prepares the contract which includes all the allowance and finish items discussed with the client during the design process. The allowances give the buyers flexibility when making their material selections later.


Once the contract is approved it is signed by all and submitted to the Lenders along with the plans for appraisals and Lender approvals. Mike then handles all the administration of the project by preparing and submitting the construction draws to the client and lender each month and pays all the construction bills. The client is provided with firmer building time estimates to the best of our knowledge at contract signing. Mike also handles any design / build issues as needed. 

Color Stain

Teresa Heinz serves Heinz Built Homes providing administration and billings of the projects together with Mike. Adding with those duties she is also a professional artist and is certified as a Colorist. Teri working along with Chris Heinz helps the clients in choosing the various material selections and colors that work for the client's tastes. Although this portion of interior design need not be complicated some clients are not sure where to start with the process of selecting colors and trims that will go best with the lifestyle they enjoy most. We help guide you with that throughout the project.. This is one of many professional touches we provide.

Selection Help

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Permits-Breaking Ground

After the contract is signed and Lender approvals are obtained, Chris Heinz, who is also a Manager of Heinz Built Homes, LLC, applies for the permits. Chris oversees the day to day on-site construction. He will notify the client when the permits have been issued and excavation is scheduled.


Selection Meetings

Chris and Teri work together to set the time for the first client meeting and what will be selected. We break the selections up to spread them over the course of construction for several reasons. First to let the client see how the layers of their early choices effect future selections and to not overwhelm the client needing to pick everything up front all at once. This has been proven to save a lot of client stress and eliminate many future changes as uncertainties are greatly diminished. Teri usually meets at the vendor locations while Chris usually handles the on site meetings to go over things such as electrical layouts. This saves everyone a lot of time and eliminates a lot of clients second guessing. We do not have a design Centre with limited selections. Chris and Teri utilize the entire valley and is with you at each meeting helping you with each selection throughout the process. This helps you make your choices and makes certain you are getting the best pricing with each selection. While these are all your choices not ours we help you bring it all together with our years of experience building many hundreds of homes and helping each family create their dreams.


Final Details


Josh Thomas is active throughout the process in assisting Mike with bid collection at the start of the project and Chris throughout the construction process. Once the home is nearly complete he becomes the first contact point for the clients in making sure all the final details are taken care of before closing. He coordinates the final walk throughs and Punch Lists. He is also the point man for Warranty work details once the house is completed.


Going beyond

 All are working for you each day throughout your entire project while each one has specific first response duties. This simply means that as the phases change one of them will know immediate answers to your questions and therefore should be contacted first during that phase. We are all working hard to do our best to help you make your home meet your dreams. 

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